Your Ultimate Guide: When to Book a Spray Tan Before Your Vacation

Your Ultimate Guide: When to Book a Spray Tan Before Your Vacation

Are you jetting off for some fun in the sun? Planning every detail, from your outfits to your activities, is exciting. But what about that gorgeous sun-kissed glow? Here's the inside scoop: booking your spray tan just before you leave can be the game-changer for that radiant vacation look!

Day Before Departure: The Perfect Timing
Picture this: stepping onto the plane with a flawless, just-got-back-from-the-beach tan. That's exactly what a spray tan, booked a day before your departure, can deliver. It's the golden ticket to looking bronzed and beautiful throughout your vacation. Why? Because this timing ensures your tan is at its freshest, giving you maximum longevity while you soak up the sun.

Maximize That Glow on Vacation
One day before departure might sound last-minute, but it's strategic! Your spray tan needs a bit of time to settle and develop fully. By the time you're on vacation, you'll be rocking that beautiful, natural-looking tan. Plus, it's ideal for vacation photos—no need to worry about fading too soon!

Long-Lasting Radiance
The goal is to have your tan looking its best for as long as possible. By scheduling your spray tan the day before your trip, you're ensuring it's at its peak when you hit the beach or explore new destinations. That means more time enjoying your glow!

Maintenance Tips
Don't forget to prep your skin before your appointment! Exfoliation is key. And during your vacation, keep your skin moisturized to extend the life of your tan. Hydrated skin means a longer-lasting, more vibrant glow. Always wear SPF, the sun will dry your skin and the pool will cause the tan to fade faster. We recommend our Gradual Tan Lotion to extend the life of your sunless glow with deep hydration and a touch of colour. 

Pre-book that tan!
Booking your spray tan a day before your departure is the secret to a flawless vacation look. It's all about timing! This way, you'll walk into your vacation with confidence, sporting that just-back-from-the-beach glow that lasts throughout your trip.

Remember, the goal is to enhance your vacation experience, and a perfectly timed spray tan can do just that. So, get ready to flaunt that radiant vacation vibe!

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