Welcome to our studio.

We are a home-based studio located in Sidney/North Saanich. Our boutique wellness studio is designed to bring you feel good services, in a professional and comfortable environment.

Meet the owner,


Meet Ashley, the visionary behind Golden Glow Wellness, dedicated to bringing you the ultimate in natural beauty and wellness solutions. With years of personal experience navigating the pitfalls of self-tanners, Ashley was driven by the desire for a perfect, sunless glow that felt as good as it looked—without the unpleasant odor, streaks, or orange tinge that so many products left behind.

Today, Ashley is delighted to offer a curated selection of natural tanning products and personalized services designed to enhance your daily routine and help you feel your best. As a certified expert in spray tans, electro muscle stimulation, personal training, and mat Pilates, Ashley combines her passion for aesthetics with her expertise in fitness to provide a holistic approach to beauty and well-being.

At Golden Glow Wellness, Ashley's goal is to empower you to shine from the inside out with treatments and products that align with a vibrant lifestyle. Whether you're looking for that flawless tan, aiming to sculpt your body, or seeking to improve your strength and flexibility, Ashley is here to guide you every step of the way. Join her at the studio and transform the way you look and feel, every single day.


Airbrush Spray Tans

Your all-natural, spray tan experience. Skin-nourishing tanning solution delivers a beautiful, natural looking sunless tan. Applied by an artist using an airbrush technique for a flawless application that is contoured to your body.

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Electro Muscle Stimulation

We offer EMS technology for Lymphatic Drainage and Body Treatments. Each treatment is paired with the infrared sauna blanket to maximize the benefits. Discover which treatment is best for you and your goals with a complimentary consultation.

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