What is Permanent Jewelry?

What is Permanent Jewelry?

When it comes to jewelry, we often think of pieces that we can wear for a special occasion or as an accessory to complement our outfits. However, there is a growing trend in the world of jewelry – permanent jewelry. But what exactly is permanent jewelry?

Long-Term Wear

Permanent Jewelry refers to a bracelet chain of choice being sized to your wrist, then permanently welded closed. No clasp or closure.It is designed for long-term wear hence the term 'permanent'. It has gained popularity in recent years as an easy alternative to traditional bracelets and difficult clasps. 

Types of Permanent Jewelry

There are several types of permanent jewelry chains that individuals can choose from:

  • Sterling Silver
  • Gold Vermeil / Gold Plated
  • Gold Filled
  • Solid 14K Gold

At Golden Glow we carry exclusively the highest quality Solid 14K Gold in Yellow and White, Sterling Silver and 14K Gold-Filled.  We do not carry Gold Vermeil or Gold Plated. 

Why Choose Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent jewelry offers individuals a way to express their individuality, creativity, and personal style. It allows for simple accessorizing that is timeless and gives a touch of sparkle. 

Can it be removed?

Yes! Although designed for long-term wear it can be removed by simply cutting the jump ring that was welded by your technician. The chain can be re-welded in the future or you may choose to have a clasp added. 

Add a touch of sparkle

Permanent jewelry is a growing trend that offers individuals a unique and long-lasting touch of sparkle. Showcase your personal style! Visit us in studio or at a local pop-up event and choose the chain that suits you. 

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